• French retail giant immochan once more preferred esta for shopping mall construction in russia!

    World-renowned French retail group IMMOCHAN contracted ESTA Construction for the biggest Shopping Mall project in Russia to be realized in Moscow. Official Ground-breaking Ceremony of“SEC Aquarelle” with Gross Building Area of 120,000 Sq. m.was performed on May 30, 2017. The project with the investment value of 120 million USD shall be completed in the Q4 of 2018.

    World-renownedFrench retail group IMMOCHAN aims to make an investment worth of 120 million USD with the Shopping Mall project ‘SEC Aquarelle’ to be accomplished in Russia.The project is located on federal Yaroslavskoye M8 highway, which is one of the key motorways in Moscow Region of Russia. French giant enterprise shall accomplish the Shopping Mall project with an anticipated footfall of 8 million customersfor the first operational year with ESTA Construction. Esta Construction shall perform the construction of the Shopping Mall Project with the ground-breaking conducted on May 30 and finalize the project in the last quarter of 2018.

    IMMOCHAN General Manager Thierry Leconte has stated in his speech delivered in ground-breaking ceremony that “SEC Aquarelle is not just another shopping centre but the most innovate property in the Moscow Region, which shall become our flagship project in Russia.We have already rented out more than 80% of the retail store area up until today. At this stage, we take the full responsibility to commit before the residents, local authorities and tenant-partners to complete Aquarelle Pushkino right on time.In this sense we have great confidence in ESTA Construction, if you recall, the giant shopping complex AQUARELLE that we have built and realized in Samara Togliatti region was constructed by ESTA Construction. The high qualities of the project and strict obedience with the deadline have become a significant reason for us to carry on the path with ESTA.Looking forward to being with you in here again in 1,5 years.”

    The shopping centre has the hosting capacity of a total of 1,4 millions of visitors. The commercial conceptSEC Aquarelle Shopping Centre, consisting of a retail gallery of 100 stores and a food court and services appealing to the entire family attracts attention and stands outin retail market of Moscow region thanks to its unique internal and external architectural structure and functional and convenient zoning. SEC Aquarelle, offering a parking area with the capacity of 2,600 vehicles for the guests visiting shopping centre by car, shall be distinguished among its competitors throughgratis servicesfacilities to be offered such asmother and child rooms, Wi-Fi, comfortable furniture and seating areas in common areas, potable fountains and pram renting.

    “We shall carry our iconic structures to Turkey”

    Chairman of the Board of Directors of ESTA Construction Bahattin Demirbilek has spoken regarding the project and stated,“As ESTA Construction, we have the justified pride of starting another giant project in Russian market. We are planning to deliver the shopping centre project to be realized for French retail giant IMMOCHAN in the last quarter of 2018. We have completed the giant shopping complexAQUARELLE that we built for IMMOCHAN in Samara Togliatti region in Russia within a short period of time of 16 months. IMMOCHAN preferred our corporation for the construction of the biggest shopping centre in Russia SEC Aquarelle and this is an occasion of pride for the entire ESTA family.We have accomplished numerous award winning mega projects in the entire world. Our plans for the year of 2017 include carrying our iconic structures accomplished in various regions of the world to Turkey. We will be accomplishing highly substantial projects within this year with total values exceeding 1 billion USD through ESTA Amos Living, which is a peninsula project becoming the hearth of Aegean – Mediterranean basin as well as other projects to be realized in Beyoğlu, Acıbadem, Basın Ekspres and Bahçelievler.”

    On-going and completed projects in Russian market…

    The most remarkable and striking project among the ones realized by ESTA Construction is the “Krasnodar Stadium” bearing the title of the World’s most luxurious, upscale stadium with the cutting-edge technology constructed in Krasnodar. “Gorkiy Gorod Shopping Centre”, another attention grabbing project with hosting a giant aqua park of 6,000 m2 and a beach under its Europe’s and Russia’s 1st and World’s 3rdbiggest monolithic glass roof built by ESTA within the scope of Sochi Winter Olympics is one of those outstanding ESTA projects. Again, “Metropolis II Shopping Centre”, an A+ Class Shopping Centre with an indoor area of 63,000 m2, built as an additional building to Metropolis I, located at the heart of Moscow,including a multi-storey car park with an area of 27,000 m2 as well as entitled with the reward by The Commercial Real Estate Moscow Awards 2017’is among the projects built by ESTA. “Donstroy”, the most significant residential and living project of Moscow, the most assertive project in ESTA’s history, is covering an area of 145,000 m2 on the coastline of Sertse Stolitsa Moscow River.

    Among ouron-going projects in Russia; World’s most technological and ecologic Central Park Project “Krasnodar Central Park”, one of the most spectacular and powerful examples of new generation shopping centres built on an area of 52,000 m2 in Talyatti “Immochan Talyatti Retail Park”, multi-storey car park offering both technology and luxury together realized in Moscow Domodedovo International Airport with an area of 66,000 m2.