• President of Russia Vladimir Putin and FIFA President Gianni Infantino visited Krasnodar Stadyumu

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and FIFA President Gianni Infantino have paid a visit to the Krasnodar Stadyumu, the most luxurious and upscale stadium equipped with cutting edge technologies, constructed by ESTA Construction, intending to make investments worth of more than 1 billion USD with 5 construction projects in Turkey in 2017. Mr Infantio, inspected the Krasnodar Stadyumu for the Confederation Cup and 2018 World Cup to be hosted by Russia, stated that the stadium built by a Turkish Corporation is clear evidence that Russia will completely fulfil her entire responsibilities.

    The Krasnodar Area, built in Russia by the Turkish construction enterprise ESTA Construction, made a distinguished name for itself by means of iconic projects built worldwide, recently hosted Russian President Vladimir Putin and FIFA President Gianni Infantino. The Krasnodar Stadyumu, constructed and patterned after the Coliseum in Rome, the Confederation Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup shall be held. Mr Putin and Mr Infantino, reconnoitring before the tournaments are kicked off, have given thumbs up for the Turkish- made stadium.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, emphasizing with respect to the preparations for the World Cup and Confederation Cup that the great deal of the seats in the stadium are reserved for the foreign guests further stated that “We have been working and collaborating actively with the supporters and supporter associations and we will be doing basically everything possible to ensure that everything related to the sports facilities, supporters, spectators and sportspeople are to be accomplished on the highest level.” Mr Putin, addressing the importance of the Krasnodar Stadyumu for education and training as well as its excellent structure, have spoken that “Krasnodar Stadyumu proves itself with the Krasnodar Academy predicating the education and training principles of Europe’s and Russia’s major football schools alongside with the top-tier conditions it provides to both the athletes and the sports lovers.”

    FIFA President Gianni Infantino, stating that the Krasnodar Stadyumu is clear evidence that Russia will completely fulfil her entire responsibilities, thanked Mr Putin for his hospitality and accompaniment in leading around the stadium in Krasnodar and exhaustive preparations of Russia for FIFA World Cup. Mr Infantino emphasized that “Krasnodar Area is one of the fine examples to show what Russia is about and what she has done for the tournaments. It is very significant and vital for the entire world to know that all the things Russia has been doing in terms of development of football are not only for Russia but also for the entire world.” Mr Infantino, addressing Krasnodar Academy in where youth athletes are integrated into the world football, said that “Today in Krasnodar here, we have seen the most contemporary and modern facilities for the development of football: today what see in here is not only a magnificent stadium but also a solid structure in Krasnodar Academy, providing services for the development of youth people and in where training and sports are together arm-in- arm.”

    Chairman of the Board of Directors of ESTA Construction, Mr Bahattin Demirbilek, highlighted that they will accomplish the iconic architectures realized worldwide as ESTA also in Turkey, said “as ESTA Construction, we have the justified pride of the selection of the Krasnodar Stadyumu that we realized in Russia for 2018 FIFA World CUP, which achieved to enter the literature as the most luxurious and technological stadium of the entire world.” Mr Demirbilek emphasizing that they also initiated the investment thrust in Turkey, spoken that “in the near future, we will carry out substantial projects in Turkey worth of more than 1 billion USD in Beyoğlu, Acıbadem, Basın Ekspres, Bahçelievler and Marmaris.”

    World’s most luxurious and technological stadium The Krasnodar Stadyumu, taking place in the literature as the world’s most luxurious and technological stadium, built by the Turkish construction enterprise ESTA Construction is a football complex with the constructional area of 201 thousand metre squares and the spectator capacity of 34,300. In the Krasnodar Stadyumu, where the spectator capacity can reach up to 40 thousand, the football players have everything from the sauna system in their dressing rooms in where the body temperatures of the players reach to previous values in couple of seconds after the cold shock up to -28 degrees in an instant, to Jacuzzis, baths and areas with private restaurant where their families can watch the games. Furthermore the spectators can enjoy facilities such as shopping mall, restaurant, and Olympic Swimming Pool apart from watching the game.

    Built by luxurious materials brought from 7 different countries all around the world The Krasnodar Area was modelled in terms of structure on the Coliseum in Rome, which is an ancient construction structure. In order for the spirit of the construction to be identical, the travertine utilized outside of the building were brought from the locations in where the travertine stones were collected for the Coliseum in Rome in semi-trailer trucks in the form of hundred kilos for each. Luxurious and upscale materials from 7 different countries of the world including Turkey were utilized in the stadium in where the world first vacuumed drainage system is employed. The roof design and technology used in the stadium construction were first ones ever used in Russia.