ESTA Construction, frequently making an indelible impression by means of distinctive structures built all across the world has once more laid foundation of a paramount project. The foundation of the new international airport, which will bear the signature of ESTA Construction, was laid within a very short period of time of 15 days upon winning the tender. The airport shall be accomplished with an investment worth of 130 million USD for the first stage.

    A new move has been made by ESTA Construction which recently won the tender and laid the foundations of the factory that is the most substantial investment of the world’s giant Mercedes-Benz in Russia. ESTA Construction has laid the foundation of the new international airport to be accomplished through an investment worth of 130 million USD within a very short span of time of 15 days upon winning the tender. Along with the Chairman of Board of Directors Mr Bahattin Demirbilek on behalf of ESTA Construction, Governor of Saratov Region, Mr Radaev Valeriy Vasilevich, Renove Group Founder Mr Viktor Feliksovich Vekselberg, Rosaviachia Chairman Mr Aleksandr Vasilevich Neradko, Aeroporti Regionov General Manager Mr Chudnovskiy Evgeniy Aleksandrovich have attended the ground-breaking ceremony which was held on June 29, 2017. ESTA has left behind its major competitors from Turkey, Russia, Italy and Czech Republic in the tender in which twenty corporations were filed their applications.

    Mr BahattinDemirbilek: “We are pushing the limits in this project”

    Chairman of Board of Directors of ESTA Construction Mr Bahattin Demirbilek,

    participating in the ground-breaking ceremony with high-ranking participants from Russia and all over the world, stated that they were thrilled for the new airport project to be built in Saratov, one of the biggest cities of Russia and said, “Today, here, we are experiencing two distinct happiness together with the exaltation of realization of a substantial project of ours. First of all, conducing towards connection of Saratov city to the rest of the world. Furthermore, we succeeded to lay the foundations of the Saratov Airport in quite a short period of time like in 15 days upon the realization of the tender. This is a substantial achievement for our sector. We will be proceeding with our principles predicated upon excellence in the new airport to be established in the city of Saratov. We will once more be pushing the limits in this project. We are taking firm steps with high quality works we perform both throughout Russia and the Saratov Region.” Mr Demirbilek, addressing the importance of the new airport for the city of Saratov, said, “the current airport struggles to address the needs of the city which has a population of almost 1 million. To begin with, the technical infrastructure properties are steps away from today’s cutting-edge technology; radars used are all old type and night landing systems are not available. It also has a quite short airfield and it is tarmac. Besides, it poses threat and danger due to the high-rise buildings around it and furthermore complicates the traffic in city centre. The new airport we will construct in this sense shall add an utterly different dimension to the city by means of both its contemporary architecture and cutting-edge technology. On the other hand, when the airport we build will be completed, employment opportunities will be provided to hundreds of people.”

    Annual capacity of 1 million passengers!

    The new airport that will be built by ESTA based on modernist architecture shall be consisting of metal construction and 3 storeys with predominantly made of glass. The airport in where the terminal building with an area of 23,054 m 2 , auxiliary building with an area of 18,093 m 2 and space with closed top with an area of 2,000 m 2 , shall be constructed on a total area of 43,147 m 2 . The Saratov Airport, which will be the 144 th airport in Russia, will stand out and come into prominence with its annual capacity of 1 million passengers and 570 passengers per hour. The project shall also include a parking lot and a parking garage with the capacity of 827 vehicles. ESTA shall also carry on the project works in addition to the constructions works through ‘Design & Build’ system. According to this ESTA shall also build special areas, asphalt roads, parking area and social areas along with the airport main building as well as assuming the capacity of general contractor of the airport within the project. 50 mid-body and wide-body airliners can park at the new airport all at once.