• Mercedes-Benz Preferred Esta For Its Utmost Investment To Be Done In Russia / 05.06.2017

    The first factory of world renown automobile giant Mercedes-Benz in Russia will be constructed by ESTA Construction. The facility, which will be accomplished with an investment of over 250 million Euros, shall be completed by the end of 2018.

    ESTA Construction, making an indelible impression through its iconic projects constructed worldwide, once more blazed a trail. The automobile giant Mercedes-Benz has entrusted its first factory to be established in Russia to ESTA Construction. The project worth of over 250 million Euros shall be the biggest investment of Mercedes-Benz to be done in Russia. The facility which will be started to be constructed by ESTA as of June of 2017 shall be delivered within 18 months, which is considered to be a very short period of time.

    Bahattin Demirbilek: “ESTA Construction again accomplished a pioneering project”

    ESTA Construction Chairman of Board of Directors Mr Bahattin Demirbilek, delivered a speech on the construction of the new Mercedes-Benz factory and said “ESTA Construction will again blaze a trail and construct the first factory of the automobile giant Mercedes-Benz in Russia. ESTA Construction’s being preferred by a sector leader conglomerate such as Mercedes-Benz is certainly a source of pride for us.”Mr Demirbilek further spoke about the projects to be accomplished in Turkey and said,“in 2017, we are starting to make a move for 5 substantial project that we will built within the real estate sector in Turkey.”

    Markus Schäfer: “We will enhance the Mercedes’ international competitive power” Mercedes-Benz Member of Board of Directors Mr Markus Schäfer delivered a speech related to the matter and stated, “We will be expanding our worldwide manufacturing network through the plant to be established in Esipovo Industrial Park.”Mr Schäfer also said, “the most important reason why we chose this region for the new factory is its strategic importance for expanding markets. By means of this new plant, we will not only be closer to our customers in Russia but also enhance and increase the international competitiveness of Mercedes-Benz automobiles.”

    Moscow Region Major Mr Andrey Vorobyov, informing Russian President Mr Vladimir Putin regarding the matter and emphasizing that the new investment to be accomplished by Mercedes-Benz in and built by ESTA in Russia is highly valuable for the region said, “more than 1,000 new employment opportunities will be emerged in the region with this facility. As the future employees will be required to be familiar with the robotics technology, we are adapting a professional college to the project to fulfil the requirements and meet the needs.”