Personel And Professional Development

Professional and technical competence as well as familiarity to the corporate culture is the qualifications required from the candidates to be employed in Esta Construction. “Loyalty to universal ethical values, solution-oriented creativity, dynamism and proactivity” are the golden values underlying the recruitment process of the company.

To our mind, each competency is unique on its own... Distinguishes people, strengthens the organization. The most significant resource which makes today’s companies successful is recruitment of dreaming, questioning, discovering, designing, inventing, developing, assuring and innovating people to the company and facilitation of their continuous development. We, as Esta, consider human resources as the most important component of our sustainable success.

The recruitment process of the company is based on “equality of opportunities” and carried out in line with the criteria set out in the Personnel Regulation. The main objective of recruitment process is to select the right person for the right position in the light of the values, vision and strategies of the company and to integrate the candidates having the competencies and qualifications required by the relevant position into the organization.

The process starts with firstly the announcement of the vacant position through in-company posts firstly within the company. This way, it is aimed to fill the vacant position based on the recommendations by the members of Esta Construction family.

The process continues with the job postings in the career portals, considering the applications and firstly phone interviews and then face-to-face interviews with the qualified candidates.

In the end of all these processes, waging studies are carried out for the candidates to whom the job is offered in accordance with the personnel remuneration criteria and the process is ended with the submission of the written job offer.

Pursuant to Esta Human Resources policy and standards, all candidates applied for a particular job are responded positively or negatively upon the completion of evaluation process.

All applications submitted to our company are kept in confidence in the CV archive of the company.